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The Corporate Law department of Avvocati.Us offers global legal advice to companies in all areas and events involving the company’s life.
The numerous aspects that characterize the company’s life in its path of birth, management and growth, require highly qualified assistance, more than what your in-house corporate department can provide.
Moreover, the importance of the corporate world in society entails the need for companies to be supported in all business operations, nationally and abroad, particularly in the USA.
We have a personalized approach to any company’s legal emergency, thanks to twenty years in the field and the ability to support our clients.

Avvocati.Us provides specialized advice on any occasion and during ordinary
management. We support the preparation and finalization of any kind of commercial agreement, as well as the management and development of its commercial relationships, analyzing and identifying tailor-made contractual solutions.

Why choose us instead of a big four? To start, we answer the phone when you call
Saturday night, and you will have your case manager (always a licensed attorney)
dedicated to you.

We represent several hundred start-ups and provide full-service top-of-the-line assistance, from crowdfunding to listing the company in the stock market.
Call our department today for a preliminary consultation.

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Do not hesitate to contact an attorney who is able to protect your rights. Feel free to send us a message anytime or to calls us that we can bagin providing you with the assistance that you need.


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