Inheritance law & trust

If someone close to you has recently passed away in Italy, you might be entitled to a portion of his or her property. Succession law in Italy makes certain family members “forced heirs” entitling these heirs to a share of the deceased’s assets. After a family member has passed away, it is common to mourn without giving any thought to his or her material assets, especially if you live outside of Italy.
Unfortunately, not taking steps to find out about the deceased’s property can cause long-term repercussions that negatively impact your entire family. It can also create a situation that leads to the final wishes of a loved one not being carried out properly. If you have a relative who has recently passed away in Italy, you may be entitled to a compulsory share of the estate if you are the deceased’s:
●Children (legitimate, legitimized, illegitimate, or adopted)
●Ascendant (parent, grandparent, etc.)
A forced heir who is entitled to part of an estate has certain rights and responsibilities. Having proper legal advice during this difficult period can help you and those closest to you settle the estate as quickly as possible.

Probate Advice
Probate is the legal process of verifying the estate plan of the deceased to ensure it is authentic and complied with. If there is no estate plan or will, then the probate process can easily become complicated. The court will supervise the probate process to ensure that all assets are located, protected, and distributed correctly.
Our team can guide you during the probate process to ensure that you understand what is happening and that all matters are handled appropriately. We can also help you by handling the entire probate process for you. The attorneys on our staff are able to prepare and file all necessary documents while dealing with any complications that arise. A person who is not familiar with Italian succession or who lives abroad can benefit from having a dedicated Italian law firm manage their probate needs.

Asset Protection
After someone passes away, unscrupulous neighbors, business associates, former friends, and even relatives may attempt to take items from the deceased without waiting for probate. An entire estate can be diminished quickly if it is not properly protected. If you are not careful, your entire inheritance may be lost, leaving you with limited recourse.
The legal team at Avvocati.Us understands how important it is to protect assets after a loved one passes away. We can work on your behalf to initiate legal proceedings that make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to take or transfer assets. Our lawyers are able to provide advice regarding securing your inheritance and can take emergency precautions that prevent others from transferring property titles without your knowledge or consent.

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Has someone close to you recently passed away in Italy?f so, do not hesitate to contact the experienced inheritance attorneys at Avvocati.Us International Law. In order to receive the inheritance to which you are entitled, you need to file the proper legal documents in accordance with Italian law. Our committed attorneys can discuss your inheritance situation with you today and provide you with the legal advice you need to protect the property to which you are entitled.