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When you are in need of residential or commercial property, you are probably going to have questions regarding the best way to obtain the property that you truly want. If you are purchasing property in Italy for the first time, you may feel concerned about making a potentially large investment in real estate. How will you locate a property that you can actually afford? How will you avoid being sold a bad property? In many situations, buying a home or business building can become so stressful that the average person gives up or makes an impulsive decision that leads to future problems.
In Italy you will find a variety of different types of properties on the market at any given time. There are housing styles of all types located throughout multiple regions, and many consider Italy the ideal place to purchase property. Like all real estate markets, buying property in Italy does present potential complications especially if you are someone who is not an Italian resident or citizen.

Different Real Estate Transactions.

There are several different types of real estate transactions and your individual needs often affect what buying or selling options are best for you. The attorneys at Avvocati.Us can assist you with legal real estate transactions involving:
● Commercial Property
● Dock or Marina Facilities
● Industrial Property
● Inherited Property (including land)
● Office Buildings
● Residential Property
● Subdivisions
Each transaction is unique and needs to be handled by a person who is familiar with the laws or requirements for each sale or purchase..

Sales and Purchases
Selling any type of property can quickly turn into a nightmare and a financial headache. Dealing with potential buyers, negotiating on a price, and making sure that you are legally ready to complete the transaction is complicated. Avvocati.Us is here to take some of the hassle out of selling by taking over the sale of your property and handling the transaction on your behalf.
We are able to provide similar services if you are interested in selling a property. Our team researches every property that meets your criteria and completes the professional due diligence needed to ensure that the property you are interested in is worth what the seller is asking. Regardless of the transaction type, we work to ensure that all legal standards and regulations are complied, we will guide you during each stage of your real estate purchase or sale. Additionally, our team makes sure that proper taxation rules are applied in accordance to your resident status and the type of Italian property transaction you have completed.

Contact a Real Estate Attorney Today
A real estate transaction is supposed to be a pleasant occasion that marks the beginning of a new stage of your life or the end of another. Unfortunately, an overly complicated or difficult transaction can quickly spoil your happiness. If, you or someone close to you are interested in buying or selling property in Italy consulting a real estate attorney is always recommended. The attorneys at Avvocati.Us International Law are prepared to provide you with the legal advice you need to complete your deal. Contact us today and schedule a consultation so that we can begin discussing your needs.