Tax Law & investment

We are excited to announce the opening of the new department of Tax Law & Investment in Lugano, Switzerland.
The Swiss Department can handle complex international challenges to minimize tax exposure and to achieve investment objectives. Our team consist of top-tier professionals included Accountants and Tax Planner to assist Corporate and Private clients in an array of financials solution and practical tax advice.

Our approach is pragmatic and long-term focus oriented, and we customize our service to serve each client with a tailored service.
Our firm for over twenty years, has been the dominant player for US clients in Italy now our services extend to the Swiss Canton of Ticino.
Swiss taxation law and investment opportunities are historically exciting, each year attracting hundreds of investors worldwide.

In 2017, Italy has introduced a new tax benefits aimed to attract non-resident wealthy individuals to move their fiscal residence to the country. The regime is valid up to fifteen years when the following conditions are met; transfer their place of residence to Italy and not have been resident in Italy in the last nine years out of the previous ten preceding their relocation to Italy.
Our firm can handle the complicated procedure to apply for the approval from the Tax Authority.